Friday, August 1, 2014

Of Feathers and Friends (Book Review)

About the Book:
"Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm gonna go eat worms." While Tyler knew he wouldn't really eat worms, he did not feel loved. His parents sent him to live with his grandmother when they separated. Was he angry? You bet. Was he confused? Absolutely. Where did he fit in? He didn't know any more. After an argument with his grandmother, Tyler decided to run away. "I'll show them I can take care of myself." Tyler Andrews doesn't need anyone! Tyler grabbed his piggy bank and his Dad's Navy ring and ran out the back door. He ran until he couldn't run any further. Too stubborn to turn back, he walked further and further into the woods behind grandma's house, scolding himself because he hadn't thought this plan all the way through. And it would be dark soon. Tyler looked up and saw a flash of red. What was it? What luck! It was a flag waving from a window of a tree house. A tree house! Climbing up the ladder nailed into the tree, Tyler's resolve to take care of himself returned. Nothing would change his mind now. Really? What would happen when Cody and Jenna find him? What would happen when he meets Melody? Will these neighbor kids turn him in? What will he do with the wounded sparrow he finds beneath the tree house? Follow Tyler on his adventure to find his place in this world. Laugh or cry with him, whatever you need to do. You might just find you've grown up a little, too.

My review:

This was a really good book, it was well written, easy to understand and I could relate to Tyler. Being a child of divorce at an early age and then living with my grandparents, I saw myself all in this story.  I had a great upbringing, but Tyler had difficulties living with his grandmother and then ran away, but through all his steps God was with him every step of the way.

While I was reading this I thought oh no what would I do if one of my kiddies ran away, I would be terrified, lose my mind. In the end of the story Tyler was able to meet new friends who guided him along his way.

This book is a wonderful chapter book for elementary to middle school aged can read and understand. I will put this book on the shelf for one of my little readers. 

~I received this book for my honest opinion~

If you would like to purchase this wonderful book please go here:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Life and Food 100% Yacon Root Syrup Review

I was chosen to review this awesome product Life and Food 100% Yacon Root Syrup, here is a little information about the product!

Our Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) Syrup is sourced from naturally grown organic Yacon fields in the country of Peru. We use the HIGHEST quality Yacon plant to make a premium pure syrup formula.
Yacon syrup has shown to remains low in calories and low on the glycemic index scale. This is due to the fact that the sugar contains high levels of oligofructose (inulin), a form of sugar that is not metabolized readily by the human body. For this reason, Yacon is ideal for diabetics and acts as a great alternative to conventional low calorie sweeteners.


  • 100% pure Yacon syrup has shown to assist in weight management, increase fiber intake and promotes good bowel function.
    Other benefits include: Lowers blood sugar. Prevents and controls hyperglycemia (over activity). Restores renal activity. Is a powerful Antioxidant.
    High in prebiotics and probiotics, this syrup contains up to 50% of FOS (fructooligosacharides). It has been found that consumption of FOS does not increase blood glucose, and helps boost your bodies metabolism.
    Naturally grown and sourced from the fields in Peru. Organic certified by our manufacturing specialists.
    100% pure raw organic syrup formula with no added preservatives. Bottled and tested in a FDA certified GMP facility in the USA.

My Review 5 out of 5 stars *****

I am not a fan of alternative ingredients or sweeteners, but let me tell you this awesome All Natural Yacon Root Syrup has been my best friend for the past 2 weeks.  I love the taste, I use it in my hot tea, coffee, baked goods (yes I said desserts).  I even take a teaspoon of it every other day.

I mean who wouldn't love a product that had No GMO, Gluten Free, No Soy, All Natural and more.  It can easily replace your sugar product, try it for a week and you will understand how I feel.  Throw those artificial sweeteners away and get a bottle of this wonderful Yacon Syrup.

The taste is very unique, subtle, a little thick but overall it won me over. I have changed the way I eat, and after I experienced this formula this is my sweetener for now on.

I will be recommending this to all my homeschool moms and friends. Also its great for the little ones, less sugar!!!

Click here for Amazon Review

If you would like to purchase please go to Life and Food

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home Juicing: What to know before you start! (Guest Post)

Want to Juice at Home? What you need to know!

Author Bio: Chris Wimmer is from where he blogs about cooking and juicing as ways to improve your health.

So you want to join the mega health trend of drinking supercharged juicers for improved health? If you have purchased a few at the local juice bar, you probably have realized how great they are but also how expensive they can be if drank daily.  They make Starbucks look cheap!

If you haven’t tried a juice cleanse or just a few daily fresh juices, this is a must before you dive into juicing at home.  A juicer is a significant investment and you should make sure you will truly enjoy and like the juice.  My wife and I purchased a few 3 day cleanses at Pealed with a Groupon.  After the third one, we knew wanted to continue but just not at that price!

A great way to juice on a budget is to invest in your own juicer. And please take special notice of the word INVEST. I said invest vs. purchase because these aren’t cheap.  A good juicer will cost several hundred dollars.  However, a good juicer should also last well over a decade and provide you a steady stream of healthy juice at a discount to purchasing the juice.

If you are at the point of investing in a home juicer below is a brief overview of juicers.  

Types of Juicers
The 2 most common juicers are Cold Press and Centrifugal. A centrifugal juicer uses a sharp cutting surface to break open the produce into small pieces and the juice is extracted by the centrifugal force of a spinning basket screen. A cold press juicer operates by applying extreme pressure to the produce by squeezing it down a tube and auger system.

Cold Press: Pros and Cons

  • Juices a wide range of produce including fruits, vegetables, grasses, and nuts.
  • Gets more juice (yield) than Centrifugal
  • Higher quality juice – more nutrients & less foam
  • Quiet operation

  • Costs more
  • More food prep time
  • Heavy.  Most are about 20 pounds

Centrifugal: Pros and Cons


  • Fast juice extraction
  • Simple to operate
  • Juices popular fruits and vegetables
  • Easier to clean
  • Large food tube requires less food prep


  • Method heats up the juice destroying some nutritional value
  • Juice contains more pulp, foam, and will separate
  • Can’t juice wheat grass, leafy greens, or nuts
  • Loud. Difficult to have a conversation while juicing

So which type do I recommend?

My answer is it depends on what your juicing goals.

I personally purchased the Omega VRT350 which is a cold press juicer but that was only after a lot of research and carefully considering what I needed in a juicer. 

I found answering these 4 questions very helpful in determining what type of juicer we needed.

  1. What will I juice?
  2. Why will I juice?
  3. What’s my budget?
  4. How often and how much will I juice?

If you are interested in my answers and their implications I posted them on my blog.

Thank you to Pamela for letting me share my passion for home juicing.  If you are interested in learning more about juicing I invite you to check out my Juicing Area on

Before I go, I’d like to give you a few more tips:

Cold Press juice is better than Centrifugal juice but BOTH are better than pasteurized juice in the grocery store.

Fresh juice will last about 72 hours before the vitamins begin to significantly degrade.

Always clean your juicer immediately after use. I can clean mine in 3 minutes.  Trust me it gets harder and is kind of gross to do it the next day.  I always pour a couple gallons of water in at the end and it really helps.

Happy Juicing! – Chris

Original Photo Credit

Thank you so much Chris for this wonderful informative post.  Please make your way over to Healthy Smart Living and check out all the great information that is available about healthy eating!


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