Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Waste Friday / Sad looking orange

I am joining Kristen from The Frugal Girl, to talk about the food that I wasted this week.  I think I am pretty good at not wasting much, so I checked the fridge and I had two things that I wasted this week.

Heavy Cream it was half full, I had it on the door of the fridge, that's why it started curdling so fast, if it was summer I might could have salvaged it and made some ice cream.

The poor orange that I zested last week when I made Whole Wheat Vanilla Sugar Cookies, I put it in a storage bag on the door of the fridge in the back of some other things so I forgot all about it, it got all wrinkled and brown looking, don't think I can salvage that.


  1. Welcome to Food Waste Friday. Looks like you had a good week as far as waste is concerned. Looking forward to exploring some of the recipes on your blog.

  2. Welcome to FWF! I used to be WAY better about joining in every week, but I've slacked off a lot lately. Got to get better about that. :)

    You had a great first week. My first week was so awful it was painful.


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