Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guest Post - All Things Blogs

Today I am happy to have Sarah from All Things Blogs come over and bring us a guest post; on her blog she has the most wonderful craft tutorials,  please go over and check them out.  It's a little different today, No Healthy Treat, I will be back on Monday with a new recipe. 


So excited to be guest posting at Pamela's Heavenly Treats! I love her blog by the way!  Her desserts look absolutely delicious!!!

This tutorial is for decorating a $1 journal from Target!
For those who do not know what Washi tape is, it's a Japanese tape made from rice paper, most stores do not refer to it as "Washi tape", it is currently growing very popular too!

Supplies: $1 journal found in dollar section at Target, hot glue gun, ribbon, Washi tape, and scissors.

 Here's what my journal looked like!  The Washi tape I used was kind of see through so the design still showed through the tape.

Put the Washi tape on front cover tucking it in on the inside of the notebook, and bring it around to the back and tuck it in again.

Keep doing that for the rest of the Washi tape.  Then make a bow using your own technique or go to this tutorial.  Then hot glue it on wherever you want the bow to be! Enjoy, hope you guys liked the tutorial!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!  Thanks Pamela for letting me guest post!
Be sure to follow her blog!


  1. Very creative! I bet these would make great gifts for little girls to give eachother.
    Leigh @

    1. She has such talent, and that is an awesome idea Leigh.

  2. SO cute!! Where do you come up with all these ideas? and they are so simple too! My Calley (5) would love this craft!! Blessings.

  3. i adore this project!! (The owls caught my eye!)
    New Follwer!
    Hugs, Jen @ f5

  4. That's great. We do tons of crafts and my daughter will love this


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