Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sponsored Post / Green Giant / Healthy Eating

Whether you´re striving to watch your weight or simply helping your family to add more vegetables in their meals, with a little help from Green Giant® finding a delicious way to mix up your diet routine can be easy and convenient! Available in a wide variety of flavors, there are nearly 30 varieties of Green Giant® frozen boxed vegetables endorsed by Weight Watchers®, including offering that feature decadent sauces and tasty seasonings.

  • Available in the frozen aisle of your local grocery store, Green Giant is the only frozen vegetable brand to be endorsed by Weight Watchers®, and nearly all endorsed varieties have a 1 or 2 PointsPlus® value per serving
  • Click here to download quick and delicious recipes that incorporate Weight Watchers® endorsed Green Giant Boxed Vegetables, with most coming in between only a 1 and 4 Weight Watchers® PointsPlus® value per serving - from "Broccoli and Chicken Topped Potatoes" to "Quick Corn and Black Bean Soup," this wide array is sure to satisfy every member of your family
  • If you prefer a smaller serving size, try Green Giant Just for One vegetable trays which are also endorsed by Weight Watchers®

In addition, visit to download a printable coupon for $0.60 off the purchase of two boxes of Weight Watchers® endorsed Green Giant Boxed Vegetables. Be sure to share this coupon with your family, friends and readers so they too can take advantage of the savings and try Weight Watchers® Endorsed Green Giant Boxed Vegetables today!

The coupons, information, and gift pack have been provided by Green Giant® and Weight Watchers® through MyBlogSpark."


  1. Thanks!! I am a huge fan of frozen vegetables, especially in winter/early spring because they are readily available, cut up and can be added to most anything I make..and I add them a lot.

  2. I heart Frozen Veggies-- they're such a good way to get veggies year round without all the added stuff of canning or the expense of buying fresh out of season.

    Following ya and loving it from The ALOHA Friday HOP!!!


  3. My mom used to buy so much of these products before. Although I only recall the green peas. :) Brings up childhood memories.


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