Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taste Testers / Etsy Shop / Advertise

If it wasn't for these lovelies, I wouldn't know if the healthy treats I make are good or not.  They are my taste testers, they give me a Yes or No about all my healthy treats.  I am happy to say that majority of the treats that I have tweaked are a Yes, but there are some that are a No, and I either do them over or trash that recipe.  They will tell the truth and let me know.  So I want to thank them today!

Make sure you stop by my Etsy Shop and see all I have to offer, get fresh made to order cookie / cupcake / bread mix.  Promo Code for weekend savings!

I would love to help promote your shop / blog on my site, I am now offering Ad Spaces, different sizes,   wonderful prices, I also have a small button swap, if you would like to do that please contact me and I will give you the promo code.  Go HERE to check it out! I would love to have you!


  1. I am so glad you make all your treats with whole wheat flour. I would suggest you foray into gluten-free, whole spelt, amaranth, chia flour, and others instead of just whole wheat to avoid wheat intolerances next. LOVE the site and adapt many of your recipes already!

  2. I love your recipes Pamela! It is so rare to see someone post delicious treats that are somewhat healthy! :)

  3. I'm sure your Taste Testers probably don't mind, right? I'm sure my kids would gladly "help out." Good for you for tweaking things to suit you and your family's needs and cravings. I admire your bravery in the kitchen!

    Gina (vising from vB)

  4. You can add taste-tested, mother approved to your recipes. They all look just delicious! So appreciate you sharing them!

  5. I'd love to do an ad swap with you, but I'm not sure how you want to do that. You can contact me at joyfullysewn at gmail dot com.

    I'm so glad I found your blog and shop! Your treats look yummy! Maybe you'd like to have me to a blog feature on your shop too? I'd love to do that! :)


  6. You are VERY lucky to have such great taste testers (and they're cute too!) None of them look like they fight you too much about it, all smiles!!! Here from vB!
    My Twintastic Life

  7. I love the picture of your taste testers-so cute! I can't wait to check out your etsy store-i love looking at anything baking!

  8. It looks like you have some good taste testers there. I am sure they are happy to taste test while learning that healthy can be tasty.


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