Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Post ~ Mar from Raising Bean

Hey there, I'm Mar!

I blog over at Raising Bean. It's where I ramble about my day to day as I figure out being a mom and my 15 month old daughter, my little bean, figures out this world. I also share activities, crafts, and recipes that my family does too! Some times having a bouncy, happy-go-lucky toddler leaves little time to fix a dessert, it also leaves little time to sneak in a snack to gimme a chocolate fix. This recipe is my solution to both!

1 scoop = 1 tablespoon

2 scoops water
3 scoops sugar
3 scoops flour
2 scoops cocoa powder
1 scoop canola oil

Grab a mug, fill it with the water and sugar. Microwave for 1 minute. Remove it from microwave. Careful! The mug will be hot!
Then add the flour, cocoa, and oil to the mug. Mix it all together with a spoon. Insert the mug into the microwave again. Nuke for 1 minute if you like cake brownies, or 30 seconds if you like fudgey brownies. Then you're finished! Mug will be hot! Handle with care!

I let it cool down a little bit before a grab a spoon and dig in. Sometimes I even add sprinkles on top before I indulge myself. Yeah, it's amazing. If your baby is a light sleeper like mine is, then just remove it from the microwave when there's one second left, so it doesn't beep at you. Seriously, delicious!

Feel free to double the recipe (I do it all the time!). If you do, microwave the sugar water for 2 minutes, and the entire brownie mix for 45 seconds for fudgey brownies, or between 1-2 minutes for cake like brownies.

Be sure you visit my blog for other easy recipes! I'm not a big time fancy cook, or baker. But everything I share on Raising Bean is delicious! Thanks Pam for letting me share this recipe with your readers today! Hope you all enjoy!

~Thanks so much Mar for coming over and sharing this delicious and EASY dessert, I sure enough will be making this for a midnight snack! Make sure you go and visit Raising Bean~



  1. That's a very interesting idea. I wonder if it would steam (we aren't microwave people) and be ok with gluten-free flour.

  2. I was thinking a dollop of ice cream would be delicious on top of it...yum!

  3. Nice to meet you Mar... great pick Pamela!! Great little recipe. :) Thank you for sharing... Grace, peace and blessings, Carla

  4. This is definitely a fun after school snack for me kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

  5. what a great quick recipe THANKS for sharing =)

  6. Yum...gooey chocolate:) I love how simple it is!

  7. Sounds delicious! I have similar recipes for cakes. This sounds something my daughter could make on her own. :)


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