Sunday, October 28, 2012

Guest Post - Dalayna from Pointing Up

Hello to all you Heavenly Treats readers! My name is Dalayna from Pointing Up blog all about words, love, and actions that point to Christ. Today I am sharing with you a yummy treat, and this one that I am going to share is in fact QUITE yummy!

A couple weeks back, some friends and I had a craft night. You may be able to relate to having all these ideas, pins, and projects built up but just never make time to complete them. Well that's where some of us were. So we decided to put it on the calendar and do them. So we got together, had some dinner and munched on some sweets while we were crafting. Sounds like the perfect way to spend your evening, huh? One of the treats that we were munching on were these little guys here:

At first sight I was turned off. Sure they were cute and festive for the season, but I personally do not like candy corn. Do. Not. Like. It. So I was just going to skip over them, but my friend convinced me just to try them because you can't really taste the candy corn. So I did. And I didn't! Taste the candy corn that is. These little guys blew my mind. So simple, so cute, and soooo yummy. My friend who made these made them with milk chocolate Hersey kisses rather than the swirl, but I loved the milk chocolate. I am officially a fan of candy corn.... on top of a pretzel and a chocolate kiss of course. If you have a little Halloween get-together or just want something to liven up your kitchen these are perfect. Try them out and fall in love, guaranteed!

I want to give a big thanks to Dalayna for this yummy treat ( I will be making this lovely treat, wish I had some right now) make sure you go visit Pointing Up, you will love all of her awesome posts!


  1. looks so cute--I like the swirl-very nice colors! and I'm sure taste just as YUMMY AS they LOOK =)

  2. Do you have the details on how to make them? My eight year old loves to "bake" and it looks like she could do these all by herself! :)

  3. Sweet and salty does go together well. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those look great. I hope you will be posting a recipe for them soon.


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